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Quickscope is used to build Gradescope autograders with Chalkbox, the University of Queensland ITEE school’s automatic marking system for programming assignments.

Quickscope is hosted at quickscope.uqcloud.net for public consumption.

Key Features

  • Support for Python and Java based programming assessment.

  • Extensible engine system for introducing new languages and environments.

  • Dependency and environment management with Poetry.

  • A friendly web interface:


Build and Run

Quickscope requires the Poetry dependency and environment management system as well as Python 3.8. If you don’t have Poetry installed run:

pip install poetry

If you don’t have Python 3.8 we’d suggest using the pyenv management system to install it:

pyenv install 3.8.2

Once you have those, you can install Quickscope:

git clone https://github.com/UQTools/quickscope
cd quickscope
poetry shell
poetry install
poetry run build

When the generation of the front end is complete you can run the Quickscope server:

poetry run flask run

You should now be able to access the service through your browser at


Documentation for the project is available at quickscope.readthedocs.org. This includes guides on how to use the tool and adapt it to your needs.

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